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New on Onlyfisting

New on Onlyfisting

We have been a few years together as the first community of fisting lovers and all this time we have been improving gradually onlyfisting, largely thanks to your suggestions

In this spirit of improvement, we are pleased announce a series of new features and a new approach to community that we hope will provide a better experience when it comes to relationships and contacts between us.

Onlyfisting Certified Members

As you know that you wear and time on the web, onlyfisting goal is to create a community of people that we love to enjoy the practice of fisting, sharing experiences and making new relationships with people who share our tastes.

Within the community we want to reward all those fisteros and fisteras who contribute their own videos and pictures. So we created a new type of user you have some unique features and we have given the name of Certified User.

What is a Certified User?

A certified user is a normal onlyfisting user which we can attest that it is a true practitioner of fisting, either actively or passively.

How I can be a Certified User?

For ye are not even onlyfisting users, the first step is to sign up by onlyfisting user registration.

To become a certified user, once you've signed up for onlyfisting, need to send us a photo or a video made by you where your username appears (either holding a paper with your user name written, well painted it in the body, etc) and video containing a dilatation or fisting.

* Requires you to hide the eyes or face of all people appearing in the pictures or videos so they can not be recognized.

What is achieved being a Certified User?

As certificarted user you will have the following advantages:

  • Unlimited private messaging
  • You can watch the videos and private photos of other certified users
  • Forum for certified users only

Without forgetting that the other users know you're a real fister.

New Features

As discussed above, we want to facilitate contact between onlyfisting users. To this end, we have implemented the following features:

User Search: We've added a search engine where you can get the other onlyfisting users according to their preferences. Now if that is easy to find people you enjoy.

Users Map: Although the user search is powerful enough to find fisting lovers with whom to contact, we thought that a picture is worth a thousand words, and we enabled the Users Map where, at a glance, you can see what other fisting lovers you have to interact in closer and more easily ..

Private Galleries: We have created a section called Private Gallery and Private Videos, so you can submit videos that only can view the certified members (or Premium) of the club. This gallery is an opportunity to submit videos of higher quality or more intimate as only club members can see. This section is on page of your user profile.

Certified users Forum: We have implemented a forum for certified users where, apart from to address issues of fisting and answer questions, discuss what things you want to improve Onlyfisting and are missing.

Future developments

Do not stop to think about how to facilitate relations between fisting lovers, so we kept raising new features for you.

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